A Website refers to a collection of several web pages that has similar content with a domain name that is common and that is published on the very least of one common web server



A Website refers to a collection of several web pages that has similar content with a domain name that is common and that is published on the very least of one common web server. It will contain text, images, and videos. E.g:, They have a home page that is the central page. It is also known as the ‘Start Page’ or ‘Index Page’. Nowadays the online world is more than pleasure, it's business. 

There are two types of websites- Static Websites & Dynamic Websites. 

A static site has its web pages coded in the HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) format and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is used for changing appearance. Images are used for a fine appearance, even audio and video are used but they remain static without any interaction with the user. A static site gives the same information to everyone and is similar to a brochure in print and gives consistent information to the users for a long period. A dynamic website is a website that undergoes frequent changes automatically and displays diverse content. It also allows user interaction, unlike a static website. It is more difficult to create a dynamic website. They rely on scripting languages from the client-side as well as server-side that includes JavaScript, ASP, PHP, etc. Client-side scripting means the code is executed by a browser such as JavaScript. And Server-side scripting is the code that is executed by the server before sending the content to the user’s browser. 

Benefits of having a Website

Easy to access as you are always available online for your customers, 24/7. Wherever they are they can access your site with an internet connection.

There are lots of buying and selling going on the internet. So a website is required for many things such as informing about the various products and services of a company representing the company and supply information about the goods online between buyers and sellers in the form of text, images and videos, and social media links of the company.

Nowadays the credibility of a company depends on having a website as much as having a physical address. The first thing someone searches about your company is an online presence.

Online display and shopping option is cost-effective as building and running a physical store is much more expensive when compared to a website. The physical store has a lot of costs such as staff’s salary, rental charges, etc.

Websites have the biggest advantage of the internet, the ability to break any kind of geographical barrier. It can be accessed by a customer from India Africa or Australia at the same time.

You can collect more insights from your customer via your site and social media and thus make changes in your products, their promotions, and even the timings of your offline store.

Purchasing online for a specific product is much easier than going to a physical address. Advertising via Google AdWords, Facebook, etc. has more solid results. Even SEO is a great way to rank your website up and reach more people.

All your competitors will be online so it's inevitable for you too to create your site and stay in the game and get new customers.

Websites make customer service easy. There can be a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on the site to clear doubts and give information to customers. This saves time as well as money and creates happy customers.

Websites provide a place for growth, showing details about your company in the past, present, and future.

Web Application or Web App

It is a computer program utilizing web browsers as well as web technology for doing many tasks over the Internet. Examples are Google Apps like Gmail and others like Flipkart. They run on web servers and these are accessed by users via a web browser using the Internet. They are coded usually in JavaScript, HTML, etc. Like websites, there are static and dynamic web apps. Server technology includes ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, PHP, JSP, etc.

Web Apps have a lot of benefits.

They are available to all users in the same version.

They do not have space limitations as they are not installed on the hard drive.

Web Apps that are based on subscription reduce piracy in software.

They are cheap and cost-effective

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